Moving into Joy

There’s nothing wrong with being sad, it’s not a bad thing – I learned how good it feels to have a good cry – it’s such a release! I try to have a really good cry at least once a month – to get all of that crap out.  I keep a shelf of go-to movies – tearjerkers – & give myself a good cleansing. Out with the old & in with the new.


This is one way meditation helps. And even as I say this now, I giggle inside, that these words are actually coming out of my mouth – knowing that a year ago I would try “this meditation thing” for a whole 3 minutes – a whole 180 seconds – then get up and walk away in frustration n say fuck this crap it doesn’t work !
Glad I’m passed that. What the meditation will do for you – among many other things – is get you to that place where you are the Observer. You are not the sadness, but you are the Observer – observing the sadness. Not judging those feelings, letting them come in and letting them flow out. Meditation will help you quiet your mind.


Before Meditation, you will find yourself spending too much time in your head trying to figure things out and you won’t have balance – spend more time in your Heart and Soul – being quiet, asking the questions you want answers to and sitting silently without expectations, without judgements – the answer will come. I used to call that my “being all over the place and nowhere simultaneously mode.” I knew I had to meditate and it would help but I couldn’t quiet my mind long enough to get into it .. thank God I kept trying because I can’t even begin to describe what it has done and does for me 🙂

Remember – every second you have a choice. If you don’t like that choice that you just made, it’s okay, because oh look, here’s another now – if you screw up again it’s okay, here’s another now ..


Life is just a series of Nows strung together. It’s important to get to the mindset that it will pass – it always passes – and that is life! Things can’t be good all the time – how would we learn ? Can you imagine how bored we’d get – how much we’d complain! You’ve gotta have your Surfboard by your side at all times – waxed and ready to go. Know that this is a roller coaster – there’s going to be ups n highs .. n downs n lows …

Look at those lows as having a purpose for your growth, your evolution, your life lessons. Then when they come along you can take them a little less seriously; maybe even crack a smile – because you’ll realize you’re in a partnership with the Universe – a team – & it wants to work with you – not against you.




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