Rusted Rustic

A Rube is said to be an awkward unsophisticated person (rustic), a naive or inexperienced person; a person from a rural region lacking polish & sophistication (rustic); a person considered uneducated or uncultured. 


The definitions remind me more of another word – ignorant. But is it ignorance to be uneducated or uncultured? Naive or inexperienced? Well is the person 18 or 80? It depends. We know it’s all relative. Can’t blame someone’s lack of resources or access, or other circumstances we have no control over as children. But we’re adults now.

When I think of Rustic, only good things come to mind.

Rustic was something we cherished. The good ol’ days.

Like the smells coming out of grandma’s kitchen every Sunday afternoon. Growing up in the carefree 70’s, where the summer days lasted forever – we played tag & had sleepovers in our yards with tents. Weekends at the cottage; swimming & jumping through the sprinkler in the summer; & snowmobiling in the winter. Countless trips to the mall; endless candy & cupcakes. Never having to lock your door. Zero responsibilities.


Being unsophisticated isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Naiveté & inexperience – that can change with time & experience. Awkward? If it’s more on the side of silly & goofy, I’ll take it. But if it’s ignorance, & it’s willful, it’s chosen & it ain’t bliss.

When you grow up you realize it doesn’t matter what people think. So don’t make life decisions based on what people think of you. It doesn’t matter, don’t waste an ounce of energy worrying about that. It only matters what you think of you. So what you are in the eyes of others matters not; be all you can be for yourself. Access to all kinds of information is accessible daily for free on-line, so tap in, tune-in, & focus on expanding your horizons & awakening your awareness. Do what you gotta do for you, & leave the rest 😉




5 responses to “Rusted Rustic”

  1. I love your post but it’s not that simple for some of us, we don’t care what other’s think of us it’s the simple fact of safety for us especaly now with the hate monger’s in DC that have allready stabed us in the back after liying he had are back’s.


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    1. Well, put it this way:
      If you tell yourself you can’t do something – you won’t.
      If you tell yourself you can – you will.
      It’s important to get out of our heads – chill the thoughts.
      Move your center to your center – your heart & operate from there; feel rather than think. Our self-talk is of utmost importance. It’s what creates our world 😉

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