Rising Out of the Ashes


Passion in waves

 Intense they pummel

Rolling me over

and over & over.


Help me grow,


I have to go

A head start

All the crap

stuck in these spokes

might slow me down

But watch me folks –

I’ll turn it around; I’ve done it before,

it’s no big deal; I’m meant to heal.

What I need, is to unload

Unseal reveal, don’t conceal

this great upheaval

Out of commission –

a deadly killer

of Souls n Spirits.

All alone – I battle demons

no one knows

the much I’ve grown

As I unburden

all the hurtin’ from all those fears

over the years.

I still stand tall.

Can you feel me

Stuck in the middle

This twisted riddle

Can I can keep up the fight

in which he delights

Against the wall; I will not fall

I still stand tall – can’t make me small.

I try to smile, but it’s congealed

it’s been awhile, this longest mile;

I need a break. How much to take?

Still crushing me – I cannot breathe;

I hafta leave

let go, forget

let’s hope I have at least one trick

left up my sleeve; Oh pretty please

It’s been so long – that same old song;

the love is gone.

Too much pain so


I was afraid, I guess.

Oh God – don’t say

that in this bed I lay, I made

I cannot stay, I don’t belong


No surprise,

had I been more wise

I’d have seen the signs

Recognized the lies

hiding in plain sight

Reaching out after all these years

Please empathize.

I’m so damn tired

shedding all these tears

I’m running dry.

As they continue

to fall upon deaf ears

I cried, I screamed –

I wasted

all those years.

Can I fend, lend me a friend,

a helping hand? Maybe take a stand

Around the bend, wanting to defend

the true & just?

This broken heart

can’t fall apart – a few cracks

won’t hold me back – it’s on the mend.

I begin again.

No you don’t

save me –

that one’s on me

to save myself & all I missed

A kiss; so much!

I’m not alone –

I never was. I’m not afraid.

Can you, oh heart, love one again

You know I can.

I m.

Made of Love –

I rise above.

You know I can

for I am Love

Can’t keep me down

Oh no, my heart

you’re so intense –

right into shape you pop again;

Back to life.

It’s right, so nice!

My heart

cannot be handled;

they can’t grasp, don’t understand it.

And so, it made me wonder

where is the one who can

Match it?

Did we hafta dig outta the rubble

we got stuck under, after our stumble?

And the eyes of fierce tornadoes we were put asunder?

Our ancient, unaware selves.

It’s good – we learned

We grew

from the burns.

Now well aware, we appreciate

Don’t  take for granted.

Fulfill every wish:

I don’t ever wanna miss

that kind of kiss.


No conditions or repetitions


There’s only Now

To give, not keep

I wanna go

down down so deep

Haven’t lost it all just yet;

Here I am

I’m back again.

I want to love 

It’s time to fly

I met a friend

It’s You & I;

So get on up –

jump, reach up;

You can

Touch the Sky, FLY!

Every word, worn like a cape,

a great escape; they give me wings

I fly so high

I reach right in

& my oh my 

Oh Soul; goosebumps

bowling me over –

No, am I drunk?

Sober up –

the dance ain’t over

We’re just getting started.

So you take my hand;

I know you know –

you understand; & it’s fuckin’ Grand

We’ll make a stand

Let’s go for broke 😉

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