Leftists Think the World Should Bend to Please Them

Who raised these clowns? Yeah you missed a few spots guys ..

Or is it all theater, just a Deep State Psychological Warfare campaign?

The world is obsessed about being PC & so-called hate speech – I say nay nay, there’s no such thing.

Just like in life, there aren’t any “good” things or “bad” things that happen to you – there’s just “things that happen.” It is us that attributes a good or a bad value to the thing.

Same thing goes for speech – there’s no such thing as “hate speech.” What is referred to as such is simply speech that certain people don’t like.

I’m sorry can you show me the chapter in the Life Instruction Manual where it says that when you come to Earth every single thing / person / place is supposed to please you exceedingly at all times⁉️

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