The Bill Gates Method

Remember the Time when China knew the coronavirus was transmissible from human-to-human in December 2019 but kept silent about it – with the WHO chiming in at the end of January also saying it was not transmissible human-to-human (& somehow that’s Trump’s fault in the mind of the simpleton) & allowed thousands upon thousands of travellers to leave Wuhan therefore infecting the rest of the world .. yeah that really sucked.

It’s too bad this isn’t happening in an election year cuz they really could’ve used it to their advantage. A real live pandemic, to use & abuse as they please, in order to get A Political Edge.

What we know for sure is Bill Gates has swooped in as the savior of the day. It’s funny yet terribly sad to watch my fellow human beings put their very lives into the hands of a money-hungry computer nerd who never even graduated – he dropped out of school & never earned a degree of any kind – Until He Bought One. What we can give him credit for though is creating computer viruses .. a Nifty Tactic if you’re looking to Sell Antivirus Software.

Folks history is repeating itself.

Are you paying attention ..

Why would you put your very life in the hands of a guy who 1) isn’t a doctor 2) isn’t a scientist 3) wasn’t elected to anything 4) and basically bought his degree online ⁉️

I mean come on the guy actually said he doesn’t believe in the Human Soul.

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