Vaxxers Are Ignorant

The ignorance of the vaxxers stretches far & wide. I bet you most don’t know that around the 80s the U.S. vaccine industry needed a bailout from the US government, cuz they were pretty much bankrupted by all the times they were sued for their shitty product.

Human Behaviour 101 tells us no one censors information about their product UNLESS they’re deceiving you. No company would shoot themselves in the foot like that. “All publicity is good publicity,” they usually say. Not in vaccineland. That’s why they came up with their Cia Propaganda Lab term “anti-vaxxer,” (invented for the same purpose “conspiracy theorist” was), to try to shame those who could see through the Bullshit, in order to shut down convos.

When you study Psychological Warfare it’s quite easy to see through. And considering the thousands of rioters & protesters across North America aren’t causing the coronavirus cases to spike up, I call bullshit on this whole thing. Covid was a setup to get us in the position we’re in now, vulnerable. Now these idiots are telling us that it’s dangerous to leave our houses & gather but if we want to go out and riot that’s just fine. Give me a break. Anyone with even a smidgen of common sense knows what a crock that is.

Aren’t mandatory vaccinations a human rights violation .. it is a violation of the Nuremberg code. There’s absolutely NO WAY I’m letting them stick their  you-really-can’t-ever-know-what’s-in-them dirty needles filled with garbage into me. There’s aborted fetuses in there, wtf is that necessary?? It’s not. It’s a twisted, deceptive industry.

If you think I trust the guy who says “there’s too many people on the planet” to give me a vaccine cuz “he wants to save me” then you’re a special kind of stupid. Wake up people we’re being PLAYED!

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