Wear A Mask If You’re Healthy? Preposterous.

First you’re cutting off your oxygen & breathing back in the CO2 you normally expel, secondly Docs say we supposedly touch our faces around 2000 times per day. Well I guarantee you NO ONE is washing their hands 2000 times a day; so congrats people who wear masks you’re walking around with DIRTY masks on your faces all day, breathing all that shit trapped in your mask, & while cutting off your oxygen & breathing in that CO2 as well.

My stepdaughter is a nurse, as is her mother, as well as two of our friends. You do not wear a mask when you’re healthy 😂 It’s ridiculous.

Anyone suggesting we wear a mask should have their medical license taken away, cuz clearly they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, OR (the more likely scenario imo) they’re being paid to say the opposite of what’s true & healthy. The main reason for that is cuz they’d run out of customers if we were all healthy, now wouldn’t they? Yup.

And that last statement can pretty much be backed up by this: Why aren’t any of them telling us the most important thing we need: to build & maintain a strong healthy IMMUNE SYSTEM? It’s weird they don’t mention that. Weird, unless you realize that if we were all healthy we wouldn’t need Big Pharma or vaccines etc etc. You see how the world works?! Sadly, EVERYTHING is orchestrated to fuck us & to make them rich.

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