Politi-Non-Fact: “Fact Checkers” Are *NOT* Here To Help You

They’re here to deceive you. And besides if you need to go to a third party to tell you what is true & what is real you’ve got bigger problems.

Politifact needs a fact check on itself 8 days a week & twice on Sunday.

“Fact.” 😂

The fact that they use the word “fact” in their name screams Deception, just like “Media Matters,” – no, it does not, not to them. What does matter though is pretending it matters. If media really ‘mattered’ they wouldn’t be Propaganda Pummelers. “Media Matters!” is a subtle way to gaslight someone into believing that you care about truth.

You guys sneak these words into your titles to convey a certain message – which just so happens to be the complete & total opposite of what you’re actually doing. When actions don’t match the words, not only is it the farthest thing away from anything that even remotely resembles authenticity – its textbook gaslighting.

As someone who studies human behaviour & psychological warfare for breakfast, your one-play-playbook is boringly predictable, not to mention in dire need of an update. The sole reason for your existence is to stop people from researching altogether. Once schools turned into the pathetic houses of indoctrination they are – successfully eliminating people’s ability to think for themselves – in march the propaganda troops – “fact-checkers ” – just another arm in a Rotten Propaganda Tree.

So Congrats – cuz CLEARLY you’re a Genius -> You’ve convinced a bunch of idiots – the only people you fool – that you actually care about them AND that they need YOU to tell them what is real & what is not in the world. Ha. Ha. Ha. 😂

‘That You Care’ is Hilarious. Gargantuan Hilarity. Gargantuan Bullshit. The only thing more shocking than your daily pummelling of lies & total lack of integrity, character & honour is the fact that there are humans on this planet dumb enough to actually believe you. That you lie every single day – which happens to be so easily verifiable, especially considering we have the whole world in the palm of our hands across multiple gadgets 24/7 – yet dummies exist that believe you, just goes to show how Dumb 🐑 Dumb folk are. And that’s thanks to the houses of indoctrination & now the phony fact-checkers, successfully eradicating thinking, curiosity & now researching.

Whatever bogus mission-statement-puff-piece nonsense you parade around as legit can be tossed in the trash & replaced with just two words: Behavior Modification. It’s incredible to me that you lose no sleep over conning the entire world. That you lose no sleep for the Complete & Total MindFuckery. You’re fucking with people’s minds, with their perceptions of reality, you’re poisoning them with garbage just for your own nefarious gains. The dumbest people on the planet currently believe the complete & total opposite of what is really happening in the world. Many waste their entire lives believing something that isn’t even true, many are angry – for nothing, sad – for nothing, fearful – for nothing, & Hating – For Nothing.

You did that. YOU. And that’s Blood that’s on YOUR hands. You think you’re gonna spend your entire existence doing this & what – after you’ll just “walk along your Merry way?” You gaslight the world into thinking Trump is the very thing that YOU are. You’ve helped create a Backasswards Bizarro World where Everything is the Opposite. Weird how that sounds oddly familiar to those who are doing it ‘The Satanic Way.’ Must be Just a Coincidence.

If you think things are fucked up here, wait til you get *transferred* to *your next gig,* you won’t be laughing then. It was foolish to think you could go on doing this for this long & pay zero consequences.

Karma will not be kind, nor will God. And they will both give you exactly what you deserve.

15 responses to “Politi-Non-Fact: “Fact Checkers” Are *NOT* Here To Help You”

  1. 👊😉👏 Yeah baby! Omg one of the most incredibly damning & troublesome docs I found online, I just made a post about it last week, called “The Political Warfare Executive,” – it’s a private secret memo to the Queen herself, says for our eyes only, distributed after World War II. Blew my mind cuz it’s a friggen blueprint for our world right now💥 In it they praise Hitler, they actually praise Hitler, & seemed to speak from a place of admiration at his ability to control so many people. Cue Project Paperclip I guess right LOL They also can hardly seem to contain their excitement as they [diabolically] talk about their excitement at the invention of the radio & media, because propaganda – “It’s not just for the military anymore!”
    They said when they present their propaganda in the streets it’s less effective cuz ‘out there’ many people were *expecting* the propaganda, during wartime so ..
    They said “Now we get to infiltrate every person’s home, & it’ll be so much more effective cuz they won’t expect it, so we’ll catch them when / at their most vulnerable.”
    So, media was, is, always has been nothing but a hijacked weaponized tool to modify our behavior under the guise of “Fun!” & “Entertainment!”
    It’s an equally great and disturbing read LOL Was only about a year-and-a-half ago that I discovered and started studying PSYCHOLOGICAL warfare and it’s everywhere. Makes me so mad I despise people being deceived.
    But I f****** love exposing it though LOL


  2. I was just writing about this and how the corporatocracy which has seized media is not telling the important truths of the day, which has resulted in evidence free conspiracy theories on a host of subjects (the truth being inconvenient to their agenda). I hear ya!

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    1. 👊 Ever since I started looking into psychological warfare & psychological operations – combined with intense study of human behaviour & psychology, I just can’t believe how many things in our society have been hijacked, & are nothing but weaponized tools of behaviour modification, under the guise of “Fun’” & “Entertainment!” It’s like we live in this Backasswards Bizarro World. But that’s pretty much the gist of psychological warfare / gaslighting / projection isn’t it 🤦 That’s why I’m compelled to try & educate people on those subjects so that they can see them for themselves. After years of trying to wake people up it took me a long time to realize that you just can’t convince a brainwashed person they’re brainwashed LOL Oh the struggles of being awake LOL
      Cheers! Much respect for my fellow humans trying to wake the rest up🥳


      1. And I am right there with ya. Cointelpro, anyone? The history on the MKUltra program, Nazi’s on US soil, in clinics experimenting, in NASA and also in the freaking CIA. What could possibly go wrong? It’s almost like they intended it to go that way.
        I had the head of MKUltra come to my wedding…I had no idea who he was, by then, he was retired and knew my wife through a dance group. Some muckety-much from the CIA. Then after he died, the stories started coming out about Sid Gotlieb. What a world. Time for the People to just say no more of the Corpratocracy alla deep state.

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        1. Omg no way. I just saw the wedding part LOL


        2. She was friends. She had no idea who he really was. I didn’t either….not until later when the History channel did a piece on him. He said to people I know that ge had a guilty conscience about what he had done while in govt service. Yeah, well….I see all these sick people…they could have done cool beautiful things but instead they smashed people in order to build psi warriors. Sick souls.

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        3. Oh I hear you on that one I don’t know why me n my fellow bloggers n podcasters try so hard to understand how these people can be this way but clearly that’s impossible. People are as equally fascinating as they are disturbing.
          And I’ve been fascinated with human behaviour since as long as I can remember, I’ve been doing so much research & self-work & really diving into my trio of ‘anti deception tools’ let’s call them: Human Behaviour / Psychological Warfare / Psychology. (Without forgetting projection & the lovely gaslighting) It really stood out to me how few people I encountered or spoke with that knew absolutely nothing about these subjects🐑


        4. I got so used to gaslighting I could actually smell the gas before it was lit. Slaughterhouse earth. The ET’s lock their doors on the way past…

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        5. 😁👍😁 Sorry I disappeared into one of your posts, a very long one .. Much much wisdom. So much Depth. So much resonated .. parts had ideas n ways of looking at things and lessons learned that I felt as though I was reading my journey loll There’s so much to it and it’s absolutely beautiful, I’m going to have to read it again tomorrow 😂 cuz words just began pouring out of me albeit in somewhat of a disorganized fashion 🤣 I’m on my phone so I can only see about two lines at a time, I don’t know how long I was gone but I think I wrote & erased & rewrote maybe 4 times lolll
          🤦 Incredibly thought-provoking / feeling provoking .. I think giddy mixed with tired 😂🤣
          Your writing is incredible!! I’ll give it the respect in response to deserves tomorrow.
          Such great stuff!


        6. Oops, yea tired long day LOL Should read “I’ll give it the respect & the response that it deserves tomorrow.”


        7. They can get a bit long…


        8. Ohh you’ll never hear ME complaining about that 🙂 My writing is often just channeled right outta me & that flow stops when it’s good n ready loll It’s gonna be as long as it needs to be .. I never interrupt the flow! 😛 Thoroughly enjoyed, nice chat last night, much needed was the Spiritual, been doing so much digging past few months – a kinda solitary activity so muchas gracias!


  3. Great post! You couldn’t have said that any better! Love the “Clown News Network” Meme, although I call it the Communist News Network, Clown News is great too! LOL Thank you for this post and for speaking what we all need to know and hear, the truth!

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    1. Thanks! I’m so fed up of all this nonsense, every single thing that we’re seeing & experiencing in our world right now is Psychological Warfare. Psychological Operations everywhere. Cancel Culture needs to be renamed Coward Culture. Most of the donations going to BLM are lining the pockets of Rich Old White Men through ActBlue so probably right to Joe Biden & Bernie Sanders. You can’t make this s*** up LOL All I want is for everybody to get a fair shot, these guys are cheating by censoring & pretending to care about us when it’s all a load of crap. It’s psychological warfare, gaslighting & projection for breakfast, lunch & dinner with these clowns. You should check my other post called “The Political Warfare Executive,” it’s a secret memo sent to the Queen after World War II that says for our eyes only. and it they praised Hitler and can barely contain their excitement at the invention of the media because it’s always been looked at as nothing but a weaponized tool for propaganda. They’ve been trying to modify our behaviour for a hell of a long time!

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      1. I hear you! I’m beyond fed up! And I think millions of people in America feel just like we do only they’re scared to say anything because of the risk of “Cancel Culture.” Never in my life did I ever think that the things happening now would happen here in America! It’s totally unfathomable how people get away with such bad behavior nowadays, yet the law-abiding citizen gets criminalized for nothing! It’s sickening!

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