Being a Grown-Up vs Being an Angry Toddler Pulling Tantrums

“The left” doesn’t think for itself, their minds have been hijacked by the most evil people on the planet with many a nefarious agenda. By targeting your emotions they get you all riled up & keep you in a state of chaos – far away from anything that even remotely resembles calm, cool & collected objective, rational thought.

This is why they chant at you, they’re unable to have civilized convos. This is why they censor you, they’re afraid of what you’re presenting, of what you’re revealing. If it goes against their memorized talking points their brain goes into “does not compute” mode. They won’t allow you to speak, they try to erase you from the internet. This is not normal behavior. This is not Grown-Up behavior. This is the behavior of an angry toddler pulling a tantrum cuz they can’t get their way, who erroneously expect the world to bend to please them – but it just doesn’t work that way.

It was a really bad idea to “give everyone a trophy cuz everybody’s special,” with zero discipline. Parents were too busy or too concerned with being liked, & not realizing the importance of raising & teaching kids to become a responsible, respectful, productive member of society 🎯

It’s not up to the world *To Change For You* it’s up to you to learn to grow up & get a grip. Grown-ups gravitate AWAY from what they don’t like & TOWARDS what they do like.

Be a Grown-Up Today 💥

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