The Real “Pandemic” is Government Tyranny

So THIS is what warrants “Covid Camps??” THIS?? Anyone with any common sense can see that’s preposterous. To be actively scouting locations in every major city – “because we have a “major pandemic” going on??”

These stats DO NOT warrant stopping the entire Earth from turning, forcing tens of thousands of businesses to go bankrupt, cutting us off from everything & everyone that brings us joy, muzzling us like rabid dogs, & causing so much fear & despair by the isolation that suicides have skyrocketed, alcoholism & drug addiction has increased dramatically, shrinks are overloaded with new cases of depression & dementia, premature deaths from canceled necessary operations, & so on.

The deaths & destruction they’ve caused from their lockdown is the real pandemic & what should be talked about on every news outlet & website. But when we try we are censored. “You got Punk’d!” into a Total Tyranny Takeover. Welcome to the ‘New World Order,’ or their sneaky “covert” term, “New Normal.”

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