Happiness 😁

Some say it’s elusive. I’ve heard some say it’s just not happening for them right now; I’ve heard some say soon, they’re just waiting for certain things to happen. Some will say they’ll get it when they get that promotion. Some say it’ll come as soon as they get a boyfriend. Some spend their entire lives waiting for it, being disappointed if it never arrives..


I wondered where it is they have to go to get the happiness, do they walk down to the corner & wait for it at the bus stop? Maybe they have their own driver & they’ll drop it off right at your door? Maybe they use FedEx to ship it quickly? And you know for sure they’ll always be one cheap bastard who will use the slow snail mail ..

According to these people it could come in a variety of ways; but how, I ask, is this even possible ⁉️ Why do they even think it can be put into a box when what Happiness IS, is a Feeling⁉️ Last time I checked – Feelings Are Inside Of Us.
With that in mind one must ask themselves why do they attach it to things that are outside of them? And while we’re on the subject why are they attaching it to things at all ⁉️


So what happens then if they lose the thing it’s attached to, that job, that house or that girl .. Pouf! goes that Happiness? Somehow our view / our understanding of this thing called Happiness may have gotten a little skewered along the way ..

Happiness: look at it as a State Of Mind, a State Of Heart, a State of Soul 😉 Make it A DECISION. Pick Happiness as your Mood & wear it for the day 🙂


One response to “Happiness”

  1. We have been programmed to attach happiness and our identity to titles and things and it’s sad. A lot of us have never tasted authentic happiness because society changes the criteria for happiness just about every year. Going within is the only stable and consistent source of happiness for sure.

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