“The Political Warfare Executive:” A Memo You’ll Want To Read!

*Know Your Enemy*

5 responses to ““The Political Warfare Executive:” A Memo You’ll Want To Read!”

  1. Yikes! Now this is scary! 😱😱😱

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    1. Hey you! 😘 Took a little break. Yeah this document really woke me up to their plans & it quite accurately matches what’s going on right now. What stood out to me most is how they praise Hitler & his ability to control so many. As well as them hardly being able to contain their glee at the creation of media, being ecstatic that they now had a more effective weapon for their propaganda = cuz it can reach man in the comfort of his own home when he is most vulnerable & his guard is down. Awful Soulless folks. Another great one to read is “The Rise of the Political Psychopath.” It basically outlines the very reason people join politics in the first place is to be able to commit crimes under the cover of imagined / concocted legality.

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      1. Welcome, back girl Boy! I’m so glad to see you girl! And boy! You said that perfectly is a nice concise comment! I’m so glad you’re speaking out about this. I have a post scheduled for 8am CDT tomorrow that is addressing identity politics, transgender equality and how it’s a danger to women and girls. I’m speaking out too and it’s liberating!

        I’m glad you’re back and I look forward to reading more posts from you! 😊❤🤗💖💐

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        1. I’ll be sure to drop by! Come find me on IG = @loveinfusion2.0 Got my original account obliterated a couple of weeks ago with over 10,000 posts cuz it was just too much Truth for IG LOL

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        2. I sure will. I haven’t been on IG in a while but I’ll be back. And I’m sorry you got your account taken by creeps who hate truth! Sending you lots of love and prayers! 💖🙏💐

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