Vote Trudeau Out 🎯

Every single Canadian is essential, & the audacity of this Criminal to tell even one of us we are not is the reason why he needs to go & NOW.

4 responses to “Vote Trudeau Out 🎯”

  1. Really missed reading your blogs, glad to see you’re back at it. USA is sinking fast, I think Canada is sinking faster. Good luck to Canucks. Americans love Canada. Don’t let that girlie boy destroy your beautiful country.

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    1. Hey hey! Thanks ❣️ Ya needed a break 😉 Gotta clean up my blog & give it a makeover LOL
      How have you been keeping during these very trying times ✨


      1. Backed off for awhile during the summer months doing projects around the castle, and going camping. Time to get back to giving the left hell. just dropped a big one last night. Had a great response. Save Canada from the commies.

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        1. Cool I’ll be sure to stop by and check it out! xoxo


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