Happiness is a Choice, as is Thinking for Yourself;)

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*Disclaimer:* Anyone “offended” by anything in this blog (or quite frankly, anything in the world) – no one forces you to engage with content you don’t like. You don’t have to, & you shouldn’t. Surely you know YOU are the decision maker in that situation – stop blaming other people for your choices. Only cowards, ignorant fools, & people who are deceiving you blame other people for their choices, their actions. It’s not up to the world to accommodate YOU .. unless maybe you’re 5 years old .. it’s up to YOU to learn to not get offended 10 times a day by stupidities. Like a Grown-Up 🥳 I really can’t think of anything more arrogant, ignorant, or entitled, than to stop almost EIGHT BILLION PEOPLE from accessing something just because *YOU* don’t like it. Grown-Ups walk right by what they don’t like, & walk towards what they do like. Simple! And by not doing that you’re causing yourself grief for nothing. There’s enough content in the world to please everyone, & there’s enough room on this planet for all of us 🙂

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